Baldwin Ribbon & Stamping Corp.

If you don't see it, we'll create it.

For over 50 years, Baldwin Ribbon & Stamping has set the industry standard for medal and ribbon manufacturing. We provide an array of services not limited to military ribbons and medals, military decorations and awards, ribbon products, and custom metal stamping. Every project has our full attention to specifications and details. We constantly follow up with all our customers, and even make recommendations on how to improve their final products.

Why People Choose Us?

  • We meet delivery schedules.
  • Attention to Detail and Specifications.
  • Over 50 years of metal stamping experience.
  • All products made in USA.
  • Union-required manufacturing.
  • Tool and Die Service

We chose you guys because your products have good quality, you meet shipping dates, you will do whatever necessary to meet our needs, and you are really good to work with.

Testimonial from customer, "UltraThin"
from Moore, OK